There is no force more powerful than a Women determine to rise. 

There is no force more powerful than a Women determine to rise. 


Stop the Violence Against Women and Girls is a 501 C (3) Organization established to address the need to serve women and girls who are victims of Intimate Partner Violence, Community Violence, School Violence and College Campus Violence.  Violence against women is a prevalent problem around the world. It has profound and negative impact on women's ability to live happy and productive lives. Violent acts against women include rape, incest, physical violence, and emotional abuse. 

Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Women's Mental Health

Trauma and Violence

Women who are victims of intimate-partner violence have been identified by the mental health field for more than 30 years now. It is understood that domestic violence is part of gender violence, and that many more women than men are the victims of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. Even when women strike back or engage in mutual violence, it is usually the woman who is most likely to be hurt—both physically and emotionally. Women who strike back in self-defense are often arrested along with the batterer.

It is further understood that gender violence is fostered by the socialization of men to be more powerful than women. In some men, this process creates the need to abuse power and to control women. While the term “victim” is not always considered politically correct, in fact, until battered women take back some control over their lives, they may not truly be considered survivors. Psychological symptoms, called battered woman syndrome (BWS), develop in some women and make it difficult for them to regain control. Mental health professionals have been able to assist these battered women with empowerment techniques and with accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. 

Stop the  Violence Against Women and Girls serves as the outreach arm of the Pearls of Wisdom PAC. Our focus is Mental Health awareness and Self Care. The mind is a powerful tool. We work to empower women to take back their lives by strengthening their minds. A healthy mind/brain is a healthy life.